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Tim Miller tells Anchorage about the Lay of the Land

September 18, 2009

For those of you who missed it tonight, Tim Miller performed his Lay of the Land show at Out North Theatre.  Miller pulled inspiration from his own childhood and adult life, wrapping it in with experiences he’s had fighting for equal rights around the country.

At the same time, Miller made sure to draw allusions between the struggles that we’ve gone through with Ordinance 64 and similar fights going on in other communities.  He was full of energy, humor, and a sense of awareness about the state of the country that’s quite refreshing.  There was a great discussion afterward, as well, where audience members could bring up some of the topics connected with his show, or ask his opinion on things going on in our own community.

I highly recommend catching his show if you can.

Miller will be repeating his performance tomorrow, Saturday, September 19 at 7:30pm at Out North Theater.  Check here for ticket information.

Thank you to Tim for your great show, and to Tiffany McClain from Equality Works for helping make it happen!

Tim Miller, Me, and his spirit bear.

Tim Miller, Me, and his spirit bear.


Friday Night is Equality Works Night at Out North Theater!

September 17, 2009

Equality Works Logo

Tomorrow Night: Friday, September 18th is Equality Works Night at Out North!

Are you feeling drained after this summer’s activities surrounding AO 64 and searching for a way to re-energize your political and emotional batteries? Are you simply in need of a laugh after months of high drama?

If so, you should join us at Out North for a presentation of performance artist’s Tim Miller’s “Lay of the Land,” a show that explores the current state of the Queer Union with sharp insight and humor, and deftly taps into the emotional experience of what it’s like to be “perpetually on trial, on the ballot, and on the menu.”

Miller has been closely following the public hearings surrounding AO 64, the Assembly’s 7-4 vote, and the Mayor’s veto and he is looking forward to a post-show discussion with all of you. Let’s give him a big Anchorage welcome!

Tickets are $20.00 (plus 1.25 if you buy online)

Students get in for $10.00 at the door with i.d.

We hope to see you there!