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May 24, 2009

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Sexual Orientation and American Culture 7/10/2002

By Robert Knight

Problems for the Salvation Army

Another organization that has run afoul of laws containing “sexual orientation” is the Salvation Army, perhaps America’s most respected charity.  In 1997, the Salvation Army gave up 3.5 million dollars in San Francisco city funding rather than submit to an order for them to offer “domestic partner” benefits to homosexual employees.

In Washington, D.C., a homosexual D.C. City Councilman boasted in crude terms in July 2001 about how he threatened Salvation Army officials over their policy on “sexual orientation.”

The councilman said:

I said this faggot [referring to himself] controls federal grants in the District as well as local and you’ll never see another cent as long as you live. I’ll subpoena every one of you mother [expletive]s and I’ll bring you down and I’ll turn my chamber into a national circus. Do we understand each other?

Does Anchorage really want to open up the city to this kind of abuse of power?

Here’s the problem with this argument:

I’d first like to mention how amusing it was that the article from quoted the homosexual councilman’s “crude” comment by taking out the word “fucker” but leaving in the word “faggot.”  I suppose we have different mindsets on what constitutes “crude” language.

If an organization wants to accept federal funding, it has to uphold federal guidelines on condition of accepting that money.  If they don’t want to follow anti-discrimination laws, then the organization doesn’t have to accept federal funding.  It’s just that simple, folks.

Whatever the homosexual councilman might have said, forcing organizations to uphold federal anti-discrimination laws in not an abuse of power. Far from it, actually. I would hope that our own council members feel as strongly about upholding the law. And it doesn’t matter to me if they use strong language to do it.