A message from Equality Works

August 13, 2009

[From Equality Works]

Even as we celebrate the passage of AO-64, some are treating the question of a mayoral veto as a foregone conclusion. We cannot afford to let low expectations lead us to complacency. Please let Mayor Sullivan know that you expect him to do the right thing by allowing the equal rights ordinance to pass. Why?

-Because the ordinance simply acknowledges what we already agree on: that all Alaskans deserve protection from unfair discrimination, equal access to employment, and the right to live our lives without fear.

-Because supporting AO 64 sends a clear message that unfair discrimination will not be tolerated in Anchorage.

-Because our city needs to protect the diversity we claim to value so much.

If you haven’t already, please, please, please contact Mayor Sullivan and thank him in advance for his support of AO 64. Remember to be respectful. Name-calling and insults do not help our cause.

You can call the Mayor’s office at (907) 343-7170 or (907) 343-7100. If you prefer e-mail, I have been assured that mayor@muni.org is an appropriate address at which to reach the Mayor, but to be safe you might also want to cc: your message to one of his “Constituent Relations” representatives at dukejc@muni.org or holbrookm@muni.org.

If you’ve already called, follow up with an e-mail. If you’ve already sent an e-mail, follow-up with a call. And if you’ve already done both, contact the Assembly members who voted for AO 64 to thank them for their time, consideration, support, and bravery. You can find their contact information here:

Help Bring Equality to Anchorage!
Tiffany McClain


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