One small step

August 11, 2009

Ordinance 64 (S2), the Equal Rights ordinance, passed today.  7-4.

Let that soft, floaty happy feeling encompass you.  Stay there for a bit.  I can wait.

From Floridana Alaskiana v2.5

From Floridana Alaskiana v2.5

Did you enjoy that?  I know I did.  I have bad news, though.  It’s not over, not by a long shot.  We have to work now, and we have to work like never before.  We have to call Mayor Sullivan.  We need to call him now, and we need to call him frequently.

Contact Mayor Sullivan.  Tell him not to veto Ordinance 64.

Contact Mayor Sullivan. Tell him not to veto Ordinance 64.

I’m now going to ask more of you than I ever have.  Some of you won’t do it, I know it and that’s fine.  This is only a blog, after all.  But I know that some of you will, so please listen.  I need you to call Dan Sullivan’s office.  The number (343-7101) is for his Executive Assistant, Betty Fauber.  Be respectful, but assertive.  Say that you want to leave a message for Mayor Sullivan.  You may leave any message you wish, but please emphasize that you do not want him to veto Ordinance 64.  It is imperative that Mayor Sullivan hears this message, and that he hears it often.

I know that you probably have a lot of things to do throughout the next few days, but this won’t take a long time, I promise.  Take the number 343-7101 and add it into your cell phone if you have one.  Tomorrow, Thursday, and throughout the next week, try to call a few times a day.  Just call, leave a message, and then go about your day.  It shouldn’t use up but a few of your minutes, and you’ll be doing something invaluably helpful.  You’ll be letting the Mayor know that we care about what decision he makes.

We don’t want the hard-deliberated decision that the Assembly has come to to be overturned.  They listened to over twenty-five hours of testimony.  They didn’t come to their decision lightly, and the Mayor needs to respect that.  I need to you to do this for me.

The second thing I need you to do is to send Mayor Sullivan an email. This might be easier for you, some people don’t like to call strangers on the phone.  I can understand that.  Just send him an email tomorrow, maybe two emails, or you could send lots.  Let him know how you feel about this decision.  Tell him about the happy floaty feeling if you want.  Just tell him to let the decision stand.

If you have the time and energy after that, please tell the Assembly “thank you.” Whether they voted for us or not, they have dealt with this issue in an incredibly respectful way and that needs to be acknowledged by their constituents.  It may seem like a small gesture to you, but I assure you it will mean a great deal to them.


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  1. Floaty feelings are good. Inequity is bad. Call and email Mayor Sullivan. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Let’s stick with the floaty.

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