Looking back to the future

August 9, 2009

A lot has been going on over the past week or so, and much more will be happening within the next few days.  Don’t look to far ahead for the precipice, as we’re about to go over the edge.  Or some other big ominous metaphor.

Important things of note that happened this week:

Gay Rehab doesn’t work! Who knew that brainwashing people into repressing one of the most important aspects of their self would have a negative effect?  Research, as in scientific research, shows that homosexual rehabilitation is ineffective.  The American Psychological Association voted 125-4, that’s one hundred twenty five people against four people, that “reparative therapy” doesn’t work.

Dan Coffey - He's got ideas

Dan Coffey - He's got ideas

Dan Coffey, when he’s not busy playing solitaire on his iphone, took the time to call for a task force to look into whether discrimination against the GLBT community exists in Anchorage.  The results wouldn’t be in until after the 2010 elections in November.  How convenient.  If he wasn’t too busy reading a magazine during the Assembly hearings, maybe Assemblymen Coffey would have heard Mel Green’s testimony (of Henkimaa.com), or perhaps read the report that she provided copies of to the Assembly, about previous studies done concerning discrimination in Anchorage.  Perhaps you’re angry about this.  Perhaps you should direct that frustration toward Assemblyman Coffey? Perhaps he should know how you feel about that.

Important things coming up this week:

Monday, August 10

Don't let this be another tea party...

Don't let this be another tea party...

Have some of you heard about this whole stimulus bill thing?  Have you seen the news coverage lately regarding the astroturf response by strategically placed protesters during town hall meetings?  Did you know that this same type of protest will be going on in Anchorage on Monday?    These teabaggers don’t want the Alaskan legislature to overturn former Governor McQuitterpant’s decision to refuse stimulus funds to assist in weatherizing Alaskan homes and helping supplementing energy costs.  There are those of us

who will be at the Dena’ina center at 11:15am with Organizing for America and other groups to let the legislature know that we want these funds.  We also want them to know that while some Alaskans might participate in teabagging, we are not all teabaggers.  There is a difference, and it should be appreciated.  Bring a sign and we’ll see you there.

Tuesday, August 11

This is the one you’ve been waiting for.  The Assembly will be discussing the vote on the Equal Rights Ordinance, Ordinance 64.  The most recent version of the ordinance is the one that Equality Works, and we at sosanchorage.net, are endorsing.  The Assembly will choose which version of the Ordinance to vote on, so I encourage you to take the time if you haven’t done so already to let your Assembly representative know which version of the ordinance you want them to vote for.  Jerry Prevo’s people are raising a ruckus with our representatives, it’s time that they heard, respectfully, from our side as well.  We will be there with bells blue shirts on, and we’ll be there early.  Join us, if you would.  We’d enjoy the company.



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  2. […] in the race, voted against Ordinance 64 when it was before the Assembly. He said he’d prefer calling for a task force to analyze whether discrimination against the LGBT community exists in Anchorage. Coffey […]

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