A message from Equality Works: Support the new S-2 version of Ordinance 64

August 1, 2009

No more public hearings! Thanks to all of you who sat through hour after hour of tiring and often painful testimony over the last two months. As hard as it was, I think it would have been much harder to do without feeling a sense of connection with others in the room who support equality. Over the weeks, people started to recognize familiar faces and strike up friendships and other forms of political collaboration that might last for a long time. So while we might wish that we hadn’t been forced to sit through all the hearings, I hope that we have emerged from it with a better understanding of who makes up the LGBT community and with a greater appreciation for the allies who stuck with us over the months.

As we move into August, and into a new (hopefully shorter) phase of this campaign, here are a few things you could do to bring Equality to Anchorage:

Call or E-Mail Mayor Sullivan and Write a Letter to the Editor

Have you contacted the Mayor yet?

Have you contacted the Mayor yet?

Mayor Sullivan hasn’t publicly stated what he will do if the ordinance reaches his desk, but he needs to know that people in Anchorage support equality, he needs to know why you support equality, and he needs to hear that vetoing an ordinance to protect LGBT people from discrimination sends the message that he, as the Mayor of Anchorage, believes that LGBT people should be discriminated against in employment, housing, education, and public accommodations. If he doesn’t want to send that message, then he should not veto this ordinance. If you havent already, please, please, please call or e-mail Mayor Sullivan at mayor@muni.org or call (907) 343-7170 or (907) 343-7100.

Please, remember to be respectful. No one responds positively to insults, accusations, or anger.

And if youve already contacted the mayor, please revise your letter accordingly and send it to the Anchorage Daily News.

New S-2 version of the ordinance

For those of you who dont know already, an S-2 version of the ordinance has been submitted for consideration by Patrick Flynn:


We believe that his is a strong revision that acknowledges the concerns of some in the religious community by broadening the religious exemption, but does not weaken the original intention of the ordinance to protect LGBT people from discrimination. It includes employment protections for our entire community–including transgender individuals. Please call or e-mail your Assembly members and tell them to put their support behind the S-2 version. We want to make sure that this version of the ordinance is the one that is debated and eventually voted upon. You can find there contact information here:


August 11th Meeting

The next Assembly meeting is August 11th. While the agenda has not been officially set yet, this very well may be the day that Assembly members get to a debate and vote on AO 64. It would be great to have as many supporters as possible inside the Assembly Chambers so that they can see how many people care about this issue. You know the drill: Blue shirts, Equality Works buttons. We will keep you posted once the agenda is set and/or if plans change.

It’s very likely you will see this message posted on other blogs and sites supporting this measure.  This is important enough that we want to be repetitive.  If you haven’t contacted Mayor Sullivan or your Assemblyperson, please  take the time to do so.  And if you live in Eagle River or Chugiak, please email us as soon as possible!


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