Getting to know Jerry

July 14, 2009

It’s a week until the next assembly meeting to discuss the Equal Rights Ordinance, and people around town are gearing up on both sides.  I know that some of you may be a little exhausted at this point.  Hell, I’m tired too.  The important thing is to not let the haters win.  We need to keep showing up, we need to keep writing our Assembly representatives, and we need to write our new mayor, Dan Sullivan, too.  You know that these patient people are getting an ear-full from the people opposing this ordinance, so it’s doubly important for them to hear from the side of reason.  That’s our side, by the way.

In an effort to get to know our opposition a little better, my husband took the time to record and transfer Jerry Prevo’s July 4th sermon onto Youtube, and then posted it on his site, the Alaska Commons.  This level of crazy needs to be witnessed, and mocked openly.  We’re stronger than this man who is so filled with unbalanced hatred, and if we continue to view and repeat the ridiculous things he says to our community, maybe they will realize what kind of leader they are supporting.  And maybe in the harsh light of day, they will see what they are defending.

And finally, to end things on a slightly weirder note, the below clip is from the “musical” performance that followed Jerry’s sermon.  We have to keep fighting, folks, if only so that the children attending this church can get access to a better Drama program.


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