Leave you guys alone for one second and look what happens

July 6, 2009

So as my new husband and I were traveling for our honeymoon, we recieved a text message from our roommate that Governor Palin resigned.  What?  Why?  How did she know just the perfect gift to give?

Aww, Sarah.  How thoughtful.

Aww, Sarah. How thoughtful.

All kidding aside, I know that Governor Palin’s stepping down from office is a little outside the usual theme of this site, but I bring it up for a reason.  Sarah Palin, or “the deranged frostvixen quitterface” as Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins puts it, has decided to threaten legal action against Alaska’s beloved Shannyn Moore.  Moore’s crime?  Repeating that rumors are and have been circulating about inappropriate usage of funds during the building of Governor Palin’s house while she was mayor of Wasilla.  Oops, now I might bring down the wrath of the DFQ for repeating the rumor!

Moore has worked hard to help the passing of the Equal Rights Ordinance in Anchorage.  And when one of our ranks is unfairly attacked for any reason, it raises the hackles a bit.

The point is that while I’m sure that further details will come to light about why the Governor is stepping down, placing the blame on Shannyn Moore is childish.  Not only that, but it further proves that while Palin’s reasoning may be faulty, the conclusion she arrived at, removing herself from a position of doing further harm to the great state of Alaska, may have been the smartest thing she’s ever done.


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