Moments from the Tuesday meeting

June 24, 2009

My fiance and I weren’t able to stay for the whole meeting today, but we were able to bookend it by showing up before the Assembly Hall openned up, and were able to come back for the end.  If you would like an account of what went on during the meeting, check out the Mudflats commentary.

Here are some memories from today:

  • There were two nice ladies dressed in yellow that were handing out lemonade and yellow flyers that were entitled “Lets Take Those Lemons And Make Some Lemonade!” They were collecting donations for Brother Francis Homeless Shelter, AWAIC, Food Bank, and Covenant House.
  • Someone left a metal water bottle outside the entrance to the lobby, and we witnessed two police officers walk up to it and ask the surrounding people if it belonged to them.  We answered in the negative, so the first cop picked up the bottle and jokingly put it to his ear.  He announced to the second cop  “No ticking.”  Everyone laughed.  He then opened the bottle facing away from him, and then both cops looked into it expectantly.  Alas, only water.
  • We met some new friends and walked around outside, laughing at some of the signs and their holders.  As we drove away, there was a young man standing by the STOP sign leading out to 36th.  His sign said “HONK IF YOU’RE STRAGHT!”  I opened the window and told him that his sign was missing an “I”, and he told me that he had been previously informed of that.  Then he asked us to honk.  I shook my head as I rolled up the window as he shouted “come on, why not?”.  I think his slightly endearing desperation is a good example of how the opposition seems to be headed.  Except for the endearing  part.

As we spoke to some of the other supporters who had been outside waving signs, we saw a young woman wearing a delicate cross on her neck speaking earnestly to two other young blue-team members.  I think that one of the best things to come out of this whole ordeal is the discussions that are going on around the Assembly Hall.  I think that most of the Assemblymembers had made up their minds on this issue before they even started hearing testimonies.  But I’ve seen more than a few conversations between supporters and opposers of this ordinance calmly discussing the subject.

One person mentioned to me that while in conversation with an opposing pastor, he talked about the discrimination and harrassment that he had suffered at his job.  The pastor was visably affected by this story, and wondered aloud that he sometimes wondered why he was opposing this ordinance.  These discussions lead to personal connections and a challenging of long-held beliefs, which can only make the larger Anchorage community stronger.

From what I saw inside the Assembly Hall and auxiliary room, there was a distinct lack of connectedness.  It made me sad.

Let me end this on a more positive note:

Courtesy of Floridana Alaskiana v2.5

Courtesy of Floridana Alaskiana v2.5



  1. Hey Everyone,
    As I was googling for more information on whats going on in the world around me and I stumble on a link “MORMONS IN KUWAIT.” Scared out of my wits, I clicked on the link and read the article. It was UM well let me just say, no comment. But this kind of well “REACHING OUT” seems a little scary in my book.
    As if we dont need more problems in Utah, now lets go overseas to economic wealthy areas like DUBAI, and spread more hate. 😀 DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE? So what do you get when you mix a Book of Mormon and the Koran? YOU GUESSED IT, A MORAN! Lets learn from our past and not bring it into the future.

  2. By the way, here is the link everyone:


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