Back into the fray

June 22, 2009

Pride FlagWell, it’s Monday, so that must mean we’re going to the Assembly Hall tomorrow.  Buck up, kids, we knew this was a going to be a long haul when we signed on.  Don’t get discouraged.  Time and progress are on our side, the side of acceptance and equality.  Our cause is just.  I can throw a few more cliches in there, but the important thing is to remember that we have a strong community supporting us, and we will win this thing, one way or another.

Some important messages from Equality Works:

  • We are asking that all supporters of equality attend the Assembly meeting this Tuesday, June 23rd, and sign up to register your support for equality if you haven’t already.  Recruit your friends, your family, your neighbors, and your co-workers and have them sign up, too.
  • We know that our opponents do not represent the majority of Anchorage citizens and we need to show our Assembly members, Acting Mayor Claman, and Mayor-Elect Dan Sullivan that the vocal minority that is opposed to this ordinance is not a true reflection of our community.
  • The meeting starts at 5:00 pm, but as usual, we need to pack the Assembly chambers with our supporters so please arrive early if possible. The Chamber doors are usually unlocked at 3 pm. (If you are uncomfortable with the division between people in red and blue shirts, wear whatever color you want.)
  • We believe that we have already made the case that LGBT citizens of Anchorage deserve protection from discrimination. We have provided statistics, we have shared our stories of discrimination, and we have waited over thirty years. We need and deserve real equality—full protections in housing, public accommodations, and employment.
  • Without the right to work, all the other protections mean nothing. We will continue to stand together as a community: straight, lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender.
  • Change is never easy, but this fight is not over. We are willing to bring our case to Acting Mayor Claman, we are willing to bring the case to Mayor-Elect Dan Sullivan, and we are willing to bring our case to the people of Anchorage.

We will be there to live blog for some of the meeting.  We will also be walking around outside, talking to people and taking pictures.  We know what it’s like inside the room, but we want to experience what it’s like outside, holding signs, dancing and eating grilled meat.  I hope I’ll see some of you there.


One comment

  1. I will definitely be there. Undoubtedly. Without failure.

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