Whining in the Assembly

June 17, 2009

[Reposted from Fairviewview]

Sitting in the Assembly meeting tonight, I’ve been hearing a lot of straight, conservative people complaining about how devisive this ordinance proposal is.  They complain that the ordinance has caused them to feel discriminated against in their place of work. They don’t like it.

You know what?  Tough.  I think what these people are really experiencing is perhaps one of the first big challenges to their way of thinking.  People in Anchorage, and Alaska in general, tend to keep themselves to themselves.  This ordinance has caused a  lot of discussion amonst Anchorage’s residents, and maybe some of these coservative people are realizing for the first time that not all of  their co-workers feel the same way they do about gays, or are perhaps ::gasp:: gay themselves.  I think this has shook them a little bit.

And so they gather together in confusion, and turn to people like Jerry Prevo, who tell them that they shouldn’t be confused, that they shouldn’t challenge their mindsets, because there is a “gay agenda” that is out to attack their way of life.  A wise man once said to me “If you ever find a church that has all the answers, run in the other direction, because that means they won’t allow you to ask questions.”  I think Anchorage residents should be running from Anchorage Baptist Temple as fast as they can.BABY_CRYING

The problem is that some of the people who are confused and feel that there isn’t any discrimination going on in Anchorage have not even bothered to ask their gay friends, co-workers, or employees if they feel discriminated against.  A business owner who opposed the ordinance bragged about the diversity of his staff, and claimed that he was sure that if he asked his staff, they would not feel discriminated against.  I wonder what his stance would have been if he had taken the time to talk to his gay and lesbian employees about their feelings and experiences.

With all due respect, these people need to sit down, shut up, and stop holding up the Assembly process in order to create a stalemate.  If they don’t view discrimination in their daily lives, how will this ordinance affect them negatively?

I just wish they would get out of our, and their own, way.



  1. yahoo headline: Group: Gay bias killings highest since 1999

    National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs report is on the link:

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