Live Blogging Round Two…

June 16, 2009


Well, we finally made it into the Assembly Hall.  While everyone was told that we would be allowed into the hall at 3:00pm, like last week, at 3:00pm we were told that the room would not be openned up until 4:30pm.  Outrage abounded on both sides, but everyone was able to maintain civility.  The line started to snake around the lobby, and enough people finally filled up the lobby enough that the security team decided to concede and let us in around 4:00pm.

Once seated, the new copy of the Ordinance, reworked by Assembly Chair Ossiander as recently as last night, was passed around.  To say that the Blue Team was upset by the changes is a vast understatement.

The new version of the ordinance removes gender identity and gender expression from the ordinance.  This means that transexual and transgender residents of Anchorage will not gain any protections from this ordinance passing.

Employment protections are also removed, except in the case of municipal jobs.

More updates will be on the way, as further discussion is taking place.


If you are reading this post, please quickly email or call your Assembly Representative if you can and ask them not to support the new version of the ordinance.  It is a sad shadow of it’s former self, and it is doubtful that anyone would be happy about the newest version passing.

This is very important.  Please help if you can.


We’ve started listening to the testimonies from those who were missed last Tuesday.

I would also like to mention that there is a party going on in the front of the Loussac Library.  There are people partying, dancing, and waving signs all along 36th Avenue.  If you want to show your support, here is a fun way to do it.


The gentlemen giving testimony is quoting Loving vs. Virginia, pointing out that the Supreme Court found that moral grounds were not valid to uphold discrimination and constitutional rights.

He also pointed out that the second draft of Ordinance 64 would violate the Alaskan constitution by allowing business owners to discriminate when hiring employees to work in their homes.


Mel from Henkimaa.com is giving her testimony to participating in two studies about Gays and Lesbians in Alaska, and the  statistics that back up the fact that there IS discrimination against the LGBT community in Anchorage.  She has the documentation to back it up, we can only hope that the Assembly listens.


Jim Minnery, he of the notorious blog post involving a hypothetical confrontation between himself and the General Manager of Mad Myrna’s, is giving testimony.  He says that he supports equal rights, but that religious persons should not have to violate their beliefs to uphold those equal rights (I am paraphrasing).  He doesn’t believe that this ordinance is necessary, and that passing it will “only be the tip of the iceberg for a drawn out and ugly battle.”  He seems to forget that this battle has been fought since the 1970’s, and we’re not backing down.


There was a man that was giving a very emotional testimony about a friend of his that was killed in South America, but it still isn’t clear which side of the argument he was on, or what the story had to do with this ordinance.


According to the man speaking, supporting this ordinance means you support the shutting down of Christian schools.


I believe we just got to number 148 out of over 300 testimonies.  I don’t know how we’re going to get through all of these people.


I just witnessed an interesting bit of theatrics.  This young guy in a red hat went up to the podium and started dancing back and forth, like he was doing an impression of a televangelist, calling for those who oppose the ordinance to stand up and clap.  They did so, loudly, causing him to tear off his hat and say to the Assembly that this proves that they are here to support hate.  I’m sure his intentions were good, but the theatrics were causing people to break out into giggles.


The Anchorage Board of Health and Human Services endorses the passing of this ordinance.


The lady speaking is having trouble finding the distinction between the Declaration of Independence and the Bible.  I’m finding a lot of people tonight are having trouble with that distinction.  What a good thing we don’t live in a theocracy.


John Doe? is speaking about sexual gender.  What is sexual gender?  Also, because discrimination has been going on for all of history, there’s no reason for this issue to be discussed.  It will change rules, and the only people who will benefit from it be lawyers.  The teenagers at Fred Meyer’s with black hair and rings in their lips and girls holding hands…and then I stopped listening…


Julia O’Malley’s article is being misquoted.  Again.  I’m getting sick of this.


I’m also getting sick of straight, Christian folks coming up and talking about how they’ve never discriminated and never seen any evidence of discrimination.  The fact that we’re still here, at 10:15pm a week after the ordinance was originally discussed is evidence enough of people discriminating and being discriminated against.


Sorry, folks, my laptop battery died.  The meeting ended at 11:00pm, with the plan of continuing the dialogue tomorrow at 4:00pm.  The doors will open at 3:30pm, but plan on getting there early in order to get a seat.  Thanks for playing.  Goodnight.


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