Paint This Town EQUAL!

June 3, 2009

[Originally Posted on the Alaska Commons]

Anchorage needs to return to its roots as an activist state, which looks after each other as their own, especially when those we elect to do so fail us so completely. We need to protect our neighbors when corrupted leadership acts solely in their own independent interest, especially in times when those in leadership positions do so in ways which are billed as necessary for the safety of society, but truly serve against our best interest.

We find ourselves in such a position; being lied to by the leader of Anchorage’s largest church, Anchorage Baptist Temple Pastor Jerry Prevo, who boasts a congregation of over 2,000, who he has personally enlisted from his pulpit to ensure that our own neighbors are not recognized as full and equal persons under the law, and instead hoisted for all to see as the perversions and abominations they are; seeking to infiltrate our public restrooms to act out heinous acts of vulgarity, earn wages that were put in place for “normal” people, and help educate our children in schools that have been largely failing them.

We cannot turn to our incoming mayor, Dan Sullivan, who has remained conveniently silent beyond his statement during the campaign that he did not support Gay Marriage. His own father, Mayor George Sullivan, vetoed an identical bill that passed through the city assembly in the seventies, giving into Prevo’s venomous statements three decades ago. To Prevo this could be a mulligan. To Sullivan, this could be inherited discrimination. With Matt Claman, who supports this ordinance, as acting Mayor now, this means that we cannot afford to wait either.

We cannot turn to our Governor. During the Presidential election, her debate with Joe Biden revealed her reluctance to commit to one side or the other, stating that she was unequivocably opposed to gay marriage, but that she was “tolerant.” Sarah Palin, who was so quick to stand up for Miss California Carrie Prejean’s comments about gay marriage, is expectedly silent in regards to extending equal rights in Anchorage, even though a 2005 census put the number of LGBT Alaskan residents at above 19,000 (Williams Institute UCLA School of Law). Sarah Palin, proving more and more each day that she is more of an ideological wedge than an elected representative accountable for the issues that challenge the progression of her state,  is much more concerned with her standing with SarahPAC, national polls,  and a beauty pageant contestant, and more comfortable turning her back on the basic civil rights that many in Anchorage are working so passionately and dilligently to afford to nearly 20,000 of her own constituents. Alaskans.

Alaska needs to surpass the societal constraints put in place by these leaders who have lost their way and their passion to improve and enrich our home, and now wish only to relish in the power they have attained at our expense; to hear the sound of their own voices and see if We the People will play fetch.  Once again, we need to find our own voice. We need to speak for Alaska, and not corruption.

It is not too late to let the assembly members know how you feel. They represent us. Make them do it. And do it yourself! There’s no better time to engage in a bit of citizen activism. Paint this town equal!

Folks, the deadline is approaching. The city assembly meets, one week from tomorrow, Tuesday June 9th, at the Loussac Library, Assembly Chambers 1st Floor (36th & Denali).

The assembly will begin hearing testimony at 5pm. The great folks over at EqualityWorks.org suggest that if you plan on offering testimony, you should plan on being there absolutely no later than 4:30pm. I would further suggest that if you wish to get in the door, you might lean more towards 4pm.

Anthony Downs concluded in the 1950s that it is irrational to vote. But that time of complacence, assumption, patience, and indifference has come and gone. This is in our hands, Anchorage.

[On a side note, please check out Mudflats, Shannyn Moore, and other prolific articles by Alaskan bloggers regarding this issue! Also, I might recommend this site’s sister site, SOSAnchorage.net, put together by my fiance and myself to respond to some of Prevo’s more inflamatory claims]


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