Here is the proposed definition of “sexual orientation”. Read it carefully. Sexual orientation means actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality or gender expression or identity. As used in this definition, “gender expression or identity” means having or being perceived as having a self-image, appearance, or behavior different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth.
Notice they include “gender expression” and further define it to include “appearance” and “behavior different from traditional” which legally can mean anything. This is the danger of this ordinance. It means that you will have to put up with anyone’s behavior even bizarre
behavior with this wording nothing is excluded. “Appearance” this means that a man could dress up as a woman and then enter any ladies public restroom and if told not too could file a discrimination suit. As you can see this is a ridiculous ordinance. This is not granting equal
rights but special rights (immoral rights in my opinion) to more people than what most people perceive to be “normal homosexuality- preferring same sex vs. opposite sex.” This is poor public policy that needs to be strongly opposed by you contacting the Assembly Members immediately and attend the public hearings. IT’S SURPRISING THAT AN ORDINANCE WITH THIS

The language of this ordinance is explicitly refined to dealing with preventing discrimination in the community in regards to the workplace, issuing credit cards, and selling your house. Read the proposal. It states that “invidious discrimination in the sale or rental of real property, financing practices, employment practices, public accomodations, educational institutions, and practices of the municipality, based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, marital status, age, veteran’s status, or physicial or mental disability, adversely affects the welfare of the community. Accordingly, such discrimination is prohibited.”
Let’s remember that the constitution allows us freedoms by way of protection. This ordinance extends the definition of protectionary laws to the LGBT community, and does not retract protection to the rest of society.
Anyone who exposes his or herself in a public bathroom, or makes any sort of scene whatsoever, will be arrested under preexhisting law. I know this is a shocker, but gay men will continue to use men’s bathrooms, and lesbian women will continue to use the ladies’ room. If the site has any “gotcha” reality, it is this: Transgenders will most likely use the facilities that they identify with. But this is still misrepresented by the horrific concept that your 3 year old son will try to pee in the urinal and bear witness to a woman whipping out her pee-stick. Criminals in a fantasy case such as that would be subject to obscenity laws just like the rest of us. No where in the ordinance does it extend any right to expose yourself to children in a bathroom.


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